Reasons Why One Should Go To Pune

1. Pune is the student capital of India, where there are numerous colleges for students to pursue the area of interest. People from all over India come to study and this creates a varied culture among students and makes it easier for them to settle down and get familiar with the city. People are open-minded […]

Unexplored Places Around The World

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Unexplored place means the place where no person has set his foot till date. But not in our World, In this world there are a very few places which are actually unexplored. Either they are very dangerous or they are mythical, so there is no unexplored place left to travel. In this article unexplored means […]

SMM Simplified Part III: Instagram

Instagram is a platform for the users to share images from their daily life, and post them on various social networking websites. Instagram confines the photograph to a square share like a Polaroid. Instagram was initially launched as an application for iOS devices. But since the summer of 2012 it has been available on the […]

Targeting Children in Advertising


Targeting children in advertising has been increasing day by day as it is known that children can be influenced easily. A child during the buying process plays the role of initiators and influencers. Many a times you must have noticed that in supermarkets or other malls children pestering their parents for certain product. The child […]

It’s Good To Be Ugly


Making up of characters, situations, and then giving a happy ending, all these factors make up a story. Ever since we were children, we are bought up by listening stories and subconsciously these stories make up our thought process about particular things in life. Let’s take all the princess stories, it starts off with Once […]

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