The Genius Returns – Sherlock holmes in 2014

Who could have wished for a better start to 2014…an appointment with “The Sherlock Holmes”. New year began with majority of the population across the globe being glued to 221 baker street. The wait was finally over. The much awaited season 3 of the Sherlock Holmes series was back to dazzle the world again by his captivating personality […]

10 Ways To Mind Your Own Business

mind your own business

India as a secular country has believed in unity in diversity and rightly so. The struggle for independence would have been meaningless if people weren’t united. However, unity had a different meaning for some even back then. Unity meant prying into other households and playing detective to contort stories that verified the assumptions made by […]

A Desperate Soul


Never for once she could imagine what lay ahead of her. Staring down at the cold, vast blue mystical water that lay endlessly wondering how her being would soon vanish in the depths of water. She walked towards it and her life flashed in her eyes . She knew all the pain, suffering and sorrow […]

Reasons Why One Should Go To Pune

1. Pune is the student capital of India, where there are numerous colleges for students to pursue the area of interest. People from all over India come to study and this creates a varied culture among students and makes it easier for them to settle down and get familiar with the city. People are open-minded […]

Unexplored Places Around The World

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Unexplored place means the place where no person has set his foot till date. But not in our World, In this world there are a very few places which are actually unexplored. Either they are very dangerous or they are mythical, so there is no unexplored place left to travel. In this article unexplored means […]

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